Viral Valorant TikTok proves even Sova can fly like Jett

Connor Knudsen
sova valorant tiktok
Riot Games, TikTok

Valorant players are already accustomed to Jett flying around the map, but what if we told you Sova could fly just as high?

Riot Games’ take on a tactical shooter, Valorant, is all about using agents’ abilities to net good positioning and get advantages on the map.

For some, that comes through smokes, while others like Raze and Jett are able to use their kit to zip around at quick speeds.

One player has pushed the limit for what Sova can do, employing a very unique tech that’ll surely be flying into ranked games soon enough.

Viral Valorant TikTok feat. Sova flying like Jett

The player in the viral TikTok makes Sova look like Jett, in more ways than one.

First, they land a Shock Dart kill that has all the feeling of landing one of Jett’s knives. But then, the real magic happens.

The player, after not connecting with the first shot, is able to use Sova’s ultimate to push themselves upward and take the high ground on Haven’s A site. The enemy team doesn’t suspect him there and the Sova is able to net another kill off of the brilliant play.

This sort of tech could be used to navigate different high grounds on all sorts of maps, giving him a unique opportunity to gain positioning if his ultimate isn’t going to be able to get any utility on its own.

sova valorant
Riot Games
Sova is an agent with tons of utility, and this trick just adds to his capabilities.

While this trick may not help players level up quickly and win ranked games, it can be useful in situational moments to salvage an otherwise wasted ultimate.

Or, if you’re just needing an excuse to stunt on an enemy team or get an impressive clip, this is just the sort of thing you’d want to do.

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