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VCT Stage 2 Masters Iceland Day 4 preview: Europe fights for survival

Published: 27/May/2021 14:32

by Andrew Amos


Two more teams will be heading home today at VCT Stage 2 Masters Iceland, and they could be the two European representatives in Team Liquid and Fnatic. Likely? Probably not, but as this tournament has shown so far, you can’t rule anything out.

Seriously, how many upsets and completely topsy-turvy games has there been? It feels like everyday there’s at least one, if not two.

If you’re an NA fan, the prospect of a NA vs NA Upper Bracket final is tantalizing enough. How about if I told you Europe could be eliminated as soon as today? Without even getting a spot in the top 4? It sounds too good to be true, and it probably is.


However, it’s a possibility we can’t rule out heading into today’s games, where two more teams will be sent home. Here’s what you need to know about VCT Stage 2 Masters Iceland Day 4.

Version1 vs NUTURN Gaming

This is going to be a very exciting match. We could see ourselves end the Upper Bracket with a full NA final if Version1 beat NUTURN Gaming here. There’s a lot at stake.

Version1 has been the biggest surprise of VCT Masters Iceland. They somehow managed to beat the odds to make it here, and then overcame adversity with a substitute. The storyline is just so absurd that even if you’ve heard it all before, it needs repeating.


Vanity Version1 Valorant
Colin Young-Wolff for Riot Games
Vanity’s Version1 are the success story of VCT Stage 2 Masters so far.

Day 2 MVP Erik ‘penny’ Penny has been the star of the show, with his Jett a key force behind their upset win over Team Liquid. It’s almost the direct opposite of Park ‘allow’ Sang-wook, as NUTURN’s Jett was on the bottom of the scoreboard against Sharks.

However, NUTURN’s tactical brilliance against the Sharks ⁠— well, except on Haven ⁠— is not to be forgotten. Plus, just how good is Seo ‘Suggest’ Jae-young? As the resident Korean Valorant simp at Dexerto, it’s hard to look past NUTURN getting a victory here, although Version1 have proven to be no pushovers. What I’m hoping for? Three maps.


Fnatic vs X10 Esports

Just how good is Patiphan ‘Patiphan’ Chaiwong? Like honestly ⁠— someone get this kid out of South East Asia. Everyone looks at TenZ or ScreaM, but seriously, Patiphan might be the best player at this event.

Patiphan X10 Esports Valorant
Colin Young-Wolff for Riot Games
I believe in Patiphan supremacy.

On any other team, Patiphan would be leading a squad towards a finals appearance. However, he’s now dragging this X10 Esports squad through the Lower Bracket, and has a tough run against Fnatic ahead of them.

Fnatic, after their first-day dominance, let it slide against Sentinels. Were they caught flat-footed? Maybe. There was a lot of talk about Sentinels being a “puggy” team, but Fnatic didn’t really have the answers for the NA squad’s strategy, which is more reserved on LAN.


However, that doesn’t instantly mean X10 should win this. In fact, on paper, this should be a swift Fnatic 2-0. But if the rest of X10 keeps stepping up to support Patiphan (like Panyawat ‘Sushiboys’ Subsiriroj and Thanamethk ‘Crws’ Mahatthananuyut did), then it’ll be a close contest.

Team Liquid vs KRU Esports

Again, another mismatch on paper, but it’s hard to really think after what has transpired earlier in the tournament.

ScreaM Team Liquid Valorant
Colin Young-Wolff for Riot Games
ScreaM needs to step up for Liquid.

KRU Esports after getting handily thrashed by Fnatic sent Sharks Esports home with a spanking in their Lower Bracket matchup. It was a team effort against one lonely Wallacy ‘prozin’ Sales, with everyone on KRU dropping at least 25 frags across the 37 rounds. Impressive.


Liquid has a lot to answer for too. Coming into this event as our number one ranked team, to see them lose to a Version1 with a substitute was startling. It just felt like they were falling asleep, stuck in first gear after taking the first map in overtime. It didn’t help that Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom had a bang-average series after that explosive Split.

However, you can’t keep Liquid down for long. They should be able to make it through with their compatriots without taking too much damage against KRU. But they can’t afford to fall asleep again, unless they want to be minced like Sharks.

VCT Stage 2 Masters Iceland continues on May 27.