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Valorant players demand change to Radianite rewards in battle pass

Published: 12/Jun/2020 2:58

by Andrew Amos


Valorant’s Ignition battle pass gives players access to 50 tiers of rewards, including skins, player cards, and Radianite Points. However, the latter has caused some controversy, with players demanding Riot scrap Radianite rewards altogether.

The Ignition battle pass for Valorant is relatively good value for money. For only 1,000 Valorant Points ($10), players can get access to tons of skins, player cards, and other cosmetics.

However, the inclusion of Radianite has left the community divided. While Radianite is good for players who have invested into the Prime Collection skins, for most, it has no use at all. It has led to some players calling on Riot to change up the rewards offered in the pass.

Riot Games
You can earn 130 Radianite Points in the Ignition battle pass.

The thread, which has garnered over 10,000 upvotes on Reddit, has players demanding Riot swap out the Radianite Points reward for the Ignition battle pass with Valorant Points.

There’s a few reasons as to why the community wants this change. For one, you use Valorant Points to buy the pass, and earning it back is a common theme in other game’s battle passes.

“Most other battle passes in games have the currency used to buy the pass in it,” said ‘bobjohnsonO78’. “That way if you complete that pass you could buy the next one with those credits you saved. It should be this way for Valorant too, or at least be able to convert Radianite to Valorant Points.”

The Battlepass should have Valorant Points instead of Radianite from r/VALORANT

Another point is that Radianite can only be used on very few things. You can only use it to upgrade select weapon skins ⁠— which you have to buy with Valorant Points in the first place. If you haven’t dropped the $70 into the Prime Collection, your RP is useless.

“The greediest part is you can’t even buy anything with those points unless you separately buy a skin,” said ‘JERK24’. “You can’t even use the Radianite points on the skins you get in the battle pass.”


Others have called for Riot to go one step further and scrap Radianite as a whole, or at least rework it. Some players believe players should level up weapons by using them.

“Weapon skins should level up purely by getting kills with said skin equipped,” said ‘abloopdadooda’. “It shows a bit of mastery and prestige.”


Riot is yet to respond to the community’s concerns. They’ve been responding to the vocal player base recently, so it’s likely they’ll come out with a statement soon enough.

If you are struggling to level up your Ignition battle pass, we’ve got a guide to help you grind out for sweet rewards ⁠— plus the Radianite.


Valorant continues smurf crackdown with Ranked change coming patch 1.13

Published: 30/Nov/2020 6:11

by Brad Norton


Riot Games has announced yet another step to reduce the number of smurf accounts in Valorant’s ranked experience, with the next change coming in patch 1.13.

Smurfing is always going to be an issue in highly competitive titles. Especially games that are free to play with no added costs for making multiple accounts. Players that want to grind at different ranks, or have multiple Radiant accounts, have been able to do so without much difficulty thus far.

Up until now, so long as you register a separate email address, playing on a fresh account couldn’t be easier. 10 Unrated games and you’re off to the races, tearing it up in the competitive playlist.

However, Riot has just announced the next step in its plan to combat the issue. While it may seem like a simple change, patch 1.13 should help cut back on the ever-growing number of smurf accounts in the FPS.

Riot Games Valorant account
Riot Games
Creating a new account in Valorant is as simple as signing up with a new email address.

As soon as the next major update arrives, things will be a little different for fresh accounts. Whether you’re swapping over to a new smurf, or booting up the game for the first time, all Valorant accounts will need to meet one criteria; rather than playing 10 Unrated games, every account will now have to win 10 Unrated games.

This may come across as a minor tweak at first, though it should lead to a bigger impact than first meets the eye. When creating a smurf, grinding out those 10 games can be done fairly quickly. There’s no need to play well and no need to strive for a victory. You could theoretically hold your ‘W’ key down each round and be done in a few hours.

That won’t be the case once patch 1.13 is deployed. Smurfs will need to actively pursue wins no different to everyone else in the lobby. There won’t be anymore handouts on the grind to unlocking the competitive mode.

As the community suggested such a change, Riot’s very own Game Producer ‘npcSara’ confirmed that “[they’ll] be doing this in the next patch.” There’s no date set in stone just yet, but we’re now three weeks removed from the latest Valorant update. So expect to see 1.13 relatively soon.

If you’re wanting to create a secondary account in future, this change should give you pause. It’s a much bigger time commitment to win 10 games than it is to simply play 10 games. So the increase of smurfs should be noticeably smaller moving forward.

Keep your eyes peeled for any additional tidbits over the coming days as we approach the next update. Valorant’s 1.13 patch could be the last before Episode 2 kicks off in mid-January 2021.