Valorant’s Night Market under fire as players uncover truth of its mechanics

Daniel Appleford
an image of Kuronami melee in Valorant

As Valorant’s Night Market approaches, players are growing less excited as they’re reminded of what skins can and can’t be added at a discount.

Valorant’s infamous Night Market has been scrutinized for being underwhelming over the last few years. This is mostly because the skins often included in the Night Market are ones that players have no interest in purchasing.

The next upcoming Night Market arrives on April 4 and will remain for 25 days to give players time to make their decision. However, one Twitter user put an end to some of the hype after explaining the rules of the Night Market. 

“The Real reason your Night Market always sucks is: Exclusive and Ultra Tier skins CANNOT appear and skins from the previous two acts CANNOT appear. This makes it much more likely you get a select or deluxe skin which no one wants in the first place!” said the post on Twitter/X.

These two factors play a big part in what is considered good or bad in Valorant’s Night Market. A majority of the popular skins are usually Ultra or Exclusive Tier and are some of the more expensive skins to purchase.

With the skins from the last two Acts also not being available, it means that newer skins won’t be listed at a discounted price either. This basically leaves players with the option to get an older skin that isn’t as legendary or hyped as others.

“At this point having a mini-Night Market that appears with the regular shop (one skin weekly) would be more exciting than getting the same trash skins every Act,” explained one user

Others agreed that Riot Games’ system for discounting skins is incredibly flawed and drew comparisons to how League of Legends discounts their skins instead. However, at this point, no rumored changes are coming to the Night Market or its system.

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