Valorant Episode 1 Ignition Battle Pass: 50 Tiers, rewards, costs, more

Published: 2/Jun/2020 2:30

by Brad Norton


The full release Valorant is officially upon us and so is the very first Episode. Ignition comes boasting a full Battle Pass with 50 tiers of unlocks. Here’s everything you need to know.

Regardless of which mode you’re playing, or how well you perform, you will always be gaining experience for your efforts. While you complete individual Agent contracts, you’re also progressing Episode 1’s brand new Battle Pass.

With 50 tiers of unlockable weapon skins, sprays, and a whole lot more, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into. 

Riot Games
Valorant’s first Episode is titled Ignition.

Similar to many other Battle Passes, Valorant’s comes boasting free and premium content. Players coasting through for free will have one to two items unlock every five levels. However, the premium tier will have a fresh unlock for each and every level.

Nothing unlocked throughout Episode 1 will have an impact on gameplay. Rather, items are purely cosmetic for bragging rights in-game. A full breakdown of this Battle Pass can be found below, including how much it costs and all of the rewards and items that it offers.

How much does the Episode 1 Battle Pass cost?

If you want to access the premium tier of Battle Pass content, you’ll have to fork out 1,000 VALORANT Points, roughly equivalent to $10 USD.

It doesn’t appear as though individual tiers can be purchased, however. This means that you’ll have to unlock each tier of content through experience gains.

What’s included in Valorant’s first Battle Pass?

There are 50 tiers up for grabs in Valorant’s Episode 1 Battle Pass. Players will gain access to a wide array of Sprays, Cards, Gun Buddies, Weapon Skins, and even Radianite Points – Valorant’s other form of currency used to “evolve certain weapon skins.”

In total there are 12 weapon skins to collect, one of which is included as a free reward for all players. 130 Radianite Points can be acquired as well, the equivalent of more than 6,000 VALORANT Points.

Here are all 50 tiers of the Episode 1 Battle Pass:

Riot Games
Tiers 1-5 of the Battle Pass
Riot Games
Tiers 6-10 of the Battle Pass
Riot Games
Tiers 11-15 of the Battle Pass
Riot Games
Tiers 15-20 of the Battle Pass
Riot Games
Tiers 21-25 of the Battle Pass
Riot Games
Tiers 26-30 of the Battle Pass
Riot Games
Tiers 31-35 of the Battle Pass
Riot Games
Tiers 36-40 of the Battle Pass
Riot Games
Tiers 41-45 of the Battle Pass
Riot Games
Tiers 46-50 of the Battle Pass

There’s no telling just how long Valorant’s first Episode will be around for, so start ranking up your tier as soon as possible if you want those final unlocks.


Valorant Red Bull Home Ground dates announced

Published: 20/Jan/2021 20:29 Updated: 20/Jan/2021 21:14

by Alan Bernal


The Red Bull Home Ground invitational is going to introduce a new format to typical Valorant events, as the tournament will bring some of Europe’s best teams together for the first time in 2021.

There’s going to be £24,000 (about $29,000) up for grabs throughout the event, and will be a chance for audiences to see how teams have been getting along with Riot’s Valorant Champions Tour circuit just around the corner.

But the Red Bull tournament organizers have something fresh to bring to the way Valorant tournaments are structured. The event’s namesake will bring a new way of looking at ‘home field advantage’ in the esport.

We break down exactly how each stage for Home Ground by Red Bull will go own, including how you can keep up with the action as it unfolds.

Red Bull Home Ground dates and schedule

home ground valorant red bull
Red Bull
The Red Bull Home Ground is bringing a twist to regular Valorant events.

Though early 2021 has been sort of quiet for competitive Valorant, that’s all going to change come the end of the month.

The event will span the last few weekends starting with the eighth team open qualifier on January 23rd – 24th, with the main event kicking off January 28th – 31st.

Expect a ton of action on both weekends, as it all builds to Championship Sunday on January 31st to see who takes the lion’s share of the prize money.

Red Bull Home Ground teams

The Red Bull Home Ground is going to invite six EU heavy hitters “with a mystery special guest to be announced” making up the seventh team.

An open qualifier (see Format) will determine the eight and final team to participate in the Home Ground invitational.

G2 Esports Ardiis Mixwell paTiTek pyth zeek
Team Liquid ec1s Kyyptix L1NK ScreaM soulcas
Ninjas in Pyjamas rhyme CREA chiwawa Jady Ex6TenZ
SUMN FC Boaster doma Mistic Moe40 tsack
Futbolist marqnue mag0o mojj SasuKe STERBEN
Guild Esports bonkar Yacine ziz draken Sayf
Special Guest x x x x x
QUALIFIER x x x x x

Red Bull Home Ground format

In the opening weekend, a field of 64 teams through open registration will fight it out in Best of 1’s on Saturday 23d. The field will be cut into eight teams, four from the invite list and four trying to qualify.

The Semis and Grand Final of the open qualifier will include the Home Ground Best of 5 to determine the team.

Then we move onto the second weekend, and this is where the Home Ground invitational gets interesting. The main event, January 28th – 31st, will feature a Best of Five format for all fixtures. However, teams will have to earn the right to extend a series by winning their respective ‘Home Ground.’

Each team will pick their strongest map pick as their ‘home ground.’ In the Bo5, these two home ground maps will be played first.

If a team wins their home ground AND the opponent’s home ground, the series is over, 2-0. To prevent this, if a team wins a home ground and the opponent responds with a win on a homeground, then the series is tied at 1-1 and we continue like normal in the Bo5.

This will apply to every match fixture in the bracket on the final weekend.

Dexerto will be updating this page as more information is released, and as the action unfolds during the Red Bull Home Ground invitational.