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How to rank up Valorant Battle Pass fast: Level guide

Published: 4/Jun/2020 18:00 Updated: 6/Jun/2020 12:15

by Brad Norton


The full release of Valorant brought with it the very first Battle Pass with 50 unique tiers of unlockable items. Here’s a full rundown on the most effective ways to rapidly boost your experience gains throughout Episode 1: Ignition.

From unique weapons skins to a heap of Radianite points, there’s plenty up for grabs in Valorant’s very first Battle Pass. Players that grind experience will gain access to over 50 unique items from both the premium and free tier unlocks.


If you’re consistently playing every single day throughout the next few weeks, you should have no issue maxing out your Battle Pass. However, if you’re looking to get the most XP out of every moment you have with Valorant, here’s a full guide on how you can quickly unlock tiers.

Riot Games
There are 50-tiers of unlocks in the Episode 1 Battle Pass.

Daily and Weekly Missions in Valorant

The first step to maximizing your experience might seem obvious. But if you want to reach tier 50 as soon as possible, completing Daily and Weekly Missions should be your top priority. Episode 1 allows for two Daily Missions and three Weekly Missions. These can differ wildly in terms of difficulty and time to complete.


Some might require you to play a certain number of games in a week, others might ask for a set amount of kills in 24 hours. Each Mission comes with a ton of experience though, so you never want to miss out on these. Most Daily objectives provide 2,000XP each, while Weekly Missions can range from 8,000XP to 12,000XP. 

Daily Bounties can often be blitzed through in a game or two. If you’re able to log on and grind every night in a week, you’re looking at 28,000XP just from dailies. With an additional 28,000 or so experience from the weeklies. That’s enough in and of itself to push you through multiple tiers of the Episode 1 Battle Pass.

Riot Games
Pay close attention to your Daily and Weekly Missions in Valorant.

What exactly impacts experience gains in Valorant? 

Whether you’re playing subpar or top-fragging every single game with MVP-caliber performances, XP gains remain the same. While you’ll definitely be cruising through Missions a lot quicker with better games, experience is entirely determined by the rounds played and rounds won.


For each round in Valorant’s Unrated playlist, you’ll net 100XP no matter what. If you happen to win that round as well, you’ll earn an additional 200XP. Therefore, the longer the game, the more experience you’ll earn overall.

In the absolute best-case scenario, where a game goes the distance into overtime, you’ll walk away with 5,100XP. 2,500 for the 25 rounds played and 2,600 for the 13 rounds won. Focus on winning each round with your team instead of looking for kills or flashy plays. A quad spray or an ace won’t change your XP gains, but winning every round certainly will.

Riot Games
The absolute best-case scenario for XP gains is a sudden death victory.

Which Valorant game mode is the most efficient?

Valorant launched with an all-new Battle Pass, but it also came boasting an entirely new game mode in Spike Rush. The fast-paced mode offers a less intense option and matches are over in just a few quick rounds. However, experience gains are mostly balanced out.


While Spike Rush can be blitzed through in around 10 minutes on average, a typical game may only net you 1,000XP. Compared to the potential gains in Valorant’s standard mode, it’s not the most effective use of your time. 

That’s not to say that Spike Rush is entirely useless though. The new mode can come in handy when warming up. Instead of shooting bots in the Practice Range for no XP at all, you could play a few games of Spike Rush. Even if you’re just refining your aim for the day, you’ll still be racking up XP with each ‘warm-up’ round.

Riot Games
Playing to win will see an uptick in XP gains.

Playing longer games and always gunning for the win is how you’ll maximize XP gains in Valorant. Don’t be discouraged by a negative KD or a lack of highlight-worthy plays. 

So long as you’re always striving to win each and every round with your team, experience will come quicker than ever.


Everything coming in Valorant Act 3: Icebox map, new Agent, Battle pass

Published: 7/Oct/2020 16:26

by Calum Patterson


Riot Games has now unveiled its grand plans for Act III of Episode 1 in Valorant, including a first look at the brand new agent.

Riot already confirmed the brand new map, Icebox, the second new map coming to the game since launch.


In addition, a new Agent is joining the roster, but at the time of writing, Riot is keeping their exact name, abilities and lore under wraps.

Here’s everything you need to know about Valorant Act 3:


New Map: Icebox

Because the new map is being pushed live early, the new Agent will be delayed. The Agent will release 2 weeks (one patch cycle) after the start of Act III. This will allow the devs to sort out any stability issues.



We’re still closing Episode 1 with a banger of a finish. On top of our newest map, you’ll unlock 50-tiers of fresh Battlepass goods to personalize your play, have another go at your Rank with refined Competitive matchmaking, and try the latest Agent just one patch later.


An abandoned Kingdom research facility in the arctic wilderness is the next location to flex your aim and abilities. Pierce the dense snow cover as an Attacker to plant the Spike. And, outplay as Defender using ziplines to reach new and dangerous heights.

The two objective sites on Icebox favor frequent skirmishes, sharp aim, and adaptive play.



These Act III Competitive changes hope to make your Rank climb tighter as we work on the long term health of organized team play:

  • Upgrade that Act Rank Badge with the next Competitive Act
  • Rank queue lowered from 6 tiers to 3 tiers, for tighter matchmaking
  • Select your preferred server and improve your ping
  • Immortal+ rank outcomes are decided 100% by wins and losses

Watch our latest Dev Diary for more detail and a peek into Joe Ziegler’s living room.


The Battlepass returns with improvements for Act III—revamped weekly mission progress for faster unlocks and additional Epilogue tiers.


Collect heads, rake in the XP, then snap on Act III exclusives like the “Chilly McFreeze” Gun Buddy to match your arctic battles, the “Radianite Hazard” Player Card, and the Viper Spray that reminds you to wash your hands.

Purchase the Act III Premium Battlepass to unlock more tiers of VALORANT items like the Ruin Vandal, “Disco Ball” Gun Buddy, and the Surge Bucky (with variants!).


Learn more about VALORANT’s Battlepass system here.


Singularity exists in a far future, vast in its journey from the beyond. Powerful, abstract, and mysterious. None know where it came from or how it came to be.

Harness its unstable force on the Phantom, Sheriff, Spectre, Ares, and Melee when you buy the Singularity bundle.


More (low ping) challengers to the Radiant throne have arrived from the Middle East and North Africa.

Log in during October 28 to earn the Dallah Gun Buddy and celebrate their homecoming.

NEW AGENT: ??? (OCT. 27)

Valorant Act 3 agent teaser
Riot Games
The new Agent teaser

That’s everything we know so far about Act III – stay tuned to @ValorantUpdates for the latest.