Valorant players beg devs to fix major issue with Omen’s ultimate

Valorant character Omen on AscentRiot Games

Valorant fans are pleading for the Riot devs to fix a major issue with Omen’s ultimate, which would allow them to be more precise.

Valorant is a vastly different game from its release in 2020, in large part thanks to its player base. The Valorant community has been a huge help, suggesting various ideas which they believe would make the game even better.

On April 21, Valorant player ‘Gusdaz’ posted a Reddit thread suggesting changes to Omen, noting how in some places on certain maps it’s difficult to choose precisely where to use his ultimate if there’s elevation.

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“It is annoying how on some places like rafters on icebox or bridge on icebox how you can only ULT on top, would be cool if there was a way to pick if you go above or below,” the player wrote — before listing various places where a change could come in handy.

Notably, the player named spots across Icebox, Ascent, Haven, and even Fracture where Omen’s current ultimate can be difficult to control. They added: “Wouldn’t be game changing but definitely would be a welcome change especially on Icebox and Ascent.”

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Others in the thread agreed, with one player even suggesting a solution for the devs — proposing that you should be able to choose the elevation of ultimate depending on if you right or left-click.

“I have no opinion on if this would be a good gameplay change or not, but logistically you could make a right click make you tp to the lowest location and left click as it behaves now,” they wrote.

“They could use the same UI which he places his smokes with to choose where to teleport to,” another suggested. “That way players would be able to see exactly where they’re going to be teleporting to.”#

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Evidently, it would be a welcomed change from the community, although it’s unclear if the Riot devs will take the idea onboard.

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