Bleed Valorant coach reveals yay chose to play Raze

Daniel Appleford
yay bleed

Bleed Esports Valorant coach LEGIJA revealed in a post-match interview that yay has opted not to play Chamber.

Before making the move to the Pacific League, yay made his name known as one of the best Chamber players in the world. The sniper-focused sentinel fit his style, making him almost unstoppable in long and short-ranged duels.

The playstyle that earned him the nickname El Diablo has been long forgotten. Since joining Bleed, yay has mostly played Raze, a preference that the head coach says is his own decision.

“Yay himself doesn’t want to play him (Chamber). I offered him and gave him the option if he wants to play it if he feels more comfortable on it. He said no, he feels fine on Raze. I also personally think he is good on Raze, especially in practice. His performance is actually really good in practice.” said LEGIJA.

Despite LEGIJA’s assertion that yay has been performing well as Raze, his match displays have been underwhelming. In the eight matches that yay has played Raze, he has only amassed a 0.74 KD with just 93 kills and 126 deaths.

Jett, his second most-played agent, has proven more fruitful. Across six matches, he has secured 88 kills and only 82 deaths, boasting a much more promising 1.07 KD ratio. Despite being Bleed’s primary duelist, yay has struggled to secure kills for his team consistently.

Bleed’s current standing in the Alpha group of VCT Pacific is 1-4 overall, leaving them tied with DFM as the league’s lowest-performing team. Earlier this week, the CEO of Bleed addressed his team’s disappointing performance as their playoff dreams dissipated.

Whether yay will switch to a new agent in the future or continue with Raze remains uncertain, but for now, the team believes that yay playing as Raze is the way forward.