Valorant players attack “false advertising” in Radianite Points system

valorant radianite pointsRiot Games

Valorant players have condemned the Radianite Points system for being misleading due to some of the cosmetics on the latest skin line not being available once purchased.

The new Radiant Entertainment System skins are some of Riot’s best yet, with a great retro feel to them.

But parts of the designs are locked behind additional purchases that require RP, like several other big skin lines, and some players are fed up with how it’s being monetized.

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Valorant players criticize Radianite Points system

In a post on the Valorant subreddit, one player expressed their frustration at the system, saying: “I begrudgingly accept that skins/bundles cost an arm and a leg because Valorant is a free-to-play game, and I am willing to fork over cash for bundles when I see fit.

“But the one thing that feels slimy, and I’d even go as far to say outright predatory, is the fact that people will drop hundreds on these bundles and still not be able to use the effects of those skins out of the gate. It’s flagrantly disgusting and bordering on false advertisement.

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“The only real options are to buy the Battle Pass in order to get any decent amount of RP or outright buy them, but even then the cost per point is ludicrous, bordering on comical.

Valorant SkinRiot Games
Some of Valorant’s biggest skinlines have used the RP system before.

“This is killing any motivation to buy future bundles because I know I’m gonna have to either grind for a miniscule amount of reward, make a smaller purchase and still grind for a better-than-miniscule reward, or outright make another huge purchase just to see the benefits of the thing I already bought.

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Several other players agreed with the post, but were not optimistic that any changes would be made.

“It’s crazy how greedy the radianite system is,” one reply said. “This new battle pass is at least nice for a change. They desperately needed to up the battle pass skins, I have yet to buy a single one.”

Another player said: “I don’t like this system either, but the reality is that it doesn’t really matter what we think, as long as it’s profitable (which it is) nothing is going to be changing.”

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