How to get Valorant Formation Player Card with Prime Gaming

Brad Norton
Valorant Formation Player Card

Riot Games has launched a brand new Formation Player Card to celebrate Year 1 Episode 2 of Valorant. Here’s how you can grab the limited-time item before it disappears.

Player Cards have become an increasingly popular reward over Valorant’s first year on the market. It’s one of the few ways in which players can customize their appearance outside of weapon skins and Gun Buddies.

We’ve seen all sorts of unique artwork in recent months alone. From a collection of Pride Cards to the one-off Ignition Card, and plenty more. Now, there’s another new addition up for grabs.

Revealed on June 14, the official Valorant Twitter account showcased a new Formation Player Card. This new design is to celebrate Year 1 Episode 2 and here’s how you can grab it for your account.

How to unlock Valorant Formation Player Card

Accessing the new Formation Player Card couldn’t be simpler. Valorant’s latest reward is available through Prime Gaming, meaning you’ll need to link your account with your Riot Games ID. Below is a quick walkthrough of the first steps to do just that.

  1. Follow this link, and when prompted enter your Riot Games ID.
  2. You will then be redirected back to the Prime Gaming page.
  3. From here you can claim your drops.

Now it’s time for the fun part, grabbing the free rewards available this month. With the Formation Player Card already live, all you need to do is login and click ‘Claim Now’ on the specific item. 

Once you load back into Valorant, check through your Collection and the Formation Player Card will be right there waiting for you.

When does the Valorant Formation Player Card expire?

Valorant Prime Gaming rewards
A look at the current Prime Gaming rewards for Valorant.

As with all Prime Gaming rewards in Valorant, the Formation Card is only available for a limited time. The typical rotation lasts for a month, as new content is frequently cycled in to replace the older items.

Given the Formation Card was released on June 14, that gives you until July 14 to sign up and redeem the reward. Once it’s gone, there’s a very good chance it’s never made available again.

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