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How to get Valorant Ignition player card for free

Published: 10/Jun/2021 0:17 Updated: 10/Jun/2021 2:22

by Andrew Amos


The Valorant Year One Anniversary celebrations are continuing, and players can now get their hands on an Ignition player card to commemorate Episode 1 for free. Here’s what you need to do.

Valorant’s first anniversary has been packed full of content for new, returning, and veteran players to dive into. From the return of Night.Market, to new community-driven skin bundles and battle passes, you can really kit out your arsenal with some neat cosmetics.

Riot are also dropping player cards commemorating the two Episodes of Valorant’s first year in a nice hit of nostalgia.

The Ignition player card, looking back at Valorant Episode 1 and the release of Reyna, Killjoy, and Skye ⁠— as well as Icebox ⁠— is now up for grabs. Here’s what you need to do to get your hands on it.


How to unlock Valorant Ignition player card

It couldn’t be any easier to get the Valorant Ignition player card. You don’t need to worry about entering codes and the website potentially going down.

All you have to do to get the Valorant Ignition player card is log into Valorant. That’s it. It’ll automatically be added into your Collection when you do.

Valorant Ignition player card
Riot Games
The Ignition player card should automatically appear in your Collection when you log in to Valorant.

When does the Valorant Ignition player card offer expire?

Riot hasn’t publicly set a date on when the Ignition player card offer will expire. However, you should log in before June 14 just to be safe and double-check you get it ⁠— as that’s when the Episode 2 card is set to drop.


The offer is only available to existing Valorant accounts, so if you have to start a new one, you won’t get access to the limited-edition Ignition player card. However, stick around to get onto the Formation card, as well as the Episode 3 one.