Riot “painfully aware” of Valorant stutter glitch as hotfix delayed further

Andrew Amos
Valorant deathmatch gameplay

Riot have been forced to delay the release of a Valorant stutter hotfix until the next patch on October 27. They’re “painfully aware” of the problems it’s causing, but can’t nail down a consistent fix.

Microstutters have been plaguing Valorant players since the last update. People have been glitching across the map, making them almost impossible to shoot as they constantly rubber band.

It’s made holding tight angles almost impossible, and more of a game of roulette. Even gunfights from afar can be pretty challenging, especially if you are an Operator user.

Riot promised players on October 19 that a hotfix would be coming by the week’s end. They were nailing down a solution, and it was only a matter of time before it was good to go live.

“A hotfix is coming later this week that should address the hitching problems that some players are experiencing. This fix won’t solve every instance of the issue, but we’re actively investigating solutions and working to resolve it as soon as possible,” they said.

Just 24 hours later though, they’ve reneged on the “later this week” part. Riot has been unable to recreate the issue consistently, and as such, a fix won’t be coming until next week at the earliest.

“[It] seems like a hotfix isn’t coming this week, as we haven’t been able to build a reliable fix ⁠— think next patch,” they told players on October 20.

Valorant Patch 1.11 is set to drop on October 27, and includes the release of Skye, the new Australian Agent.

Skye in Valorant
Riot have penned the stutter hotfix in for Valorant Patch 1.11, the same update Skye will be released in.

Riot are still working hard on a fix. There’s still a chance that the hotfix gets shipped this week if they can find a solution fast enough, but at this point in time, players should hold their breath.

“We’re painfully aware of the disruption this is creating in play, and finding a fix remains our top priority.”