Valorant players baffled as bizarre bug makes their skins disappear

Shay Robson
an image of Viper holding a gun

Valorant players are left puzzled by a bizarre new glitch that is making their weapons skins disappear while in-game.

Many bugs and glitches have come and gone throughout Valorant’s time, just like many other first-person shooters in the genre.

Typically, most bugs are pretty harmless to the game as a whole — and can sometimes even add a bit more fun for players. Although sometimes they can be devastating for the game and wreak some havoc.

Nonetheless, for the most part, Riot has done a pretty stellar job at keeping Valorant glitch-free. However, the community is now a bit baffled as their cosmetics are disappearing in-game.

Valorant glitch makes skins disappear in-game

On January 8, a slew of Reddit posts began appearing from players complaining about a new bug that is causing their weapon skins to disappear entirely when they’re in a match.

“I loaded into a game and all my guns on random are all on default skins. Keep in mind I don’t have default set as a favorite,” a player wrote.

In another thread, another explained their experience with the same issue. “None of my guns are showing their skins. I have a skin for every gun. They were showing up in the range but not in comp,” they explained.

While many believed the issue was caused by the randomized skin option, it appears that’s not the case. “Some of my guns are randomized but not my classic which should be glitch pop,” said one, along with sharing an image showing their pistol equipped with the default skin.

Regardless, we should hopefully see the devs fix the bug in the coming weeks in a patch following Episode 8’s release.