Valorant players slam devs for blatantly “ignoring” highly-requested feature

Shay Robson
Valorant character Viper standing next to Chamber holding operator on the map Bind

Valorant fans are hitting out at the Riot devs for “blatantly ignoring” the community’s most requested change.

Valorant is vastly different from when the game was first released in 2020, thanks to constant updates from Riot to keep the first-person shooter fresh for players.

Over the years, the devs have improved the game with various features, many of which have been suggested by players themselves.

However, the community is currently furious with the devs for “blatantly ignoring” their most highly requested change.

Valorant players demand change after being “ignored”

Valorant followed in the footsteps of Riot’s other titles such as League of Legends, implementing a “remake” feature that allows players to completely cancel a match if a teammate disconnects before the first round is over.

The feature is extremely useful for players, who’d otherwise be left in a 4v5 situation for the remainder of the match. However, it requires all teammates to agree to the remake.

Once again, the community is demanding that the devs reconsider the “ridiculous” remake feature, making note that some players troll and force their team to play out the entirety of the game despite being at a disadvantage.

“Remakes should require ONE vote,” a player hit out in a March 10 Reddit post. “Does anyone else believe this is getting ridiculous?”

They added: “This has been one of the heaviest requested things for YEARS now, and the devs BLATANTLY ignore it.”

In the replies, many players shared their own experiences with teammates declining the vote. “It shouldn’t be a vote, just make it be automatic,” one player wrote. “Had this happened earlier. IDC if they are someone’s duo and are coming back, it should be automatic as soon as it’s called,” another hit out.

Others lashed out with their frustrations, claiming it’s infuriating when a teammate declines the vote to remake. “Every single f**king time, someone thinks they’re being funny or edgy by voting no,” they said. “It’s f**king INFURIATING. Like nothing makes me want to turn my PC off more than that.”

As mentioned by frustrated players, it isn’t the first time they’ve called for tweaks to the system. However, these demands appear to have been “ignored” by Riot.

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