Valorant devs release hotfix to remove accidental Neon buff

Jeremy Gan
Valorant Neon screenshot from trailer

Valorant devs are releasing a hotfix patch to remove an accidental buff to Neon that gave her mid-air accuracy, while also making Abyss queues unranked. 

Valorant’s patch 8.11 brought a lot of new stuff, namely with the addition of Abyss — a type of wall-less map the game has never seen before — and some changes to help PC players connect with their console-using friends. 

One of the headline changes was the shakeup Duelists saw, with the most used in the roles, Raze, getting a major nerf while Reyna and Neon got some massive buffs. 

Perhaps the Neon buff was a little too much, as players found that included was a near-accurate mid-air spray pattern while using her slide. 

In response, Valorant’s devs said the buffs were not intended and will be patched out. Now, a new hotfix is solving the issue. 

Announced by Valorant’s Product Management Lead Coleman Palm, the hotfix for PC will be as follows: 

  • Removing Neon’s air accuracy while sliding
  • Changing the Abyss-only queue back to Unrated
  • Fixing an issue with Iso’s orb spawn logic after he disconnects

Consoles will be receiving these changes in the 9.00 patch. 

In the original patch notes for 8.11, it stated that one of the buffs reads, “Neon now removes all weapon movement error when sliding. This effectively means she’s more accurate while sliding.” This should now be patched out in the hotfix. 

However, this hotfix does not fix a particularly annoying bug in Abyss which allows players to sit at the bottom of the map when they should have already fallen off and easily defend any player trying to defuse the bomb.

According to Palm, the fix for that bug will be coming in patch 9.00. This patch is slated to release on June 25, which will also bring Abyss to Competitive, and give consoles ranked as well. 

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