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LilyPichu has perfect response for toxic Valorant teammates roasting her skills

Published: 18/Oct/2021 11:28 Updated: 18/Oct/2021 13:47

by Lauren Bergin


LilyPichu’s Valorant skills aren’t to be underestimated, but the normally placid Twitch sensation couldn’t help but take aim at an annoying teammate who kept poking holes in her game.

LilyPichu has become one of Twitch’s most popular and beloved steamers. The voice behind Genshin Impact’s Sayu, her boundless positivity and adorable aesthetic have won over fans all across the internet.

Despite her cuteness, though, Lily is not to be underestimated, especially when it comes to Riot Games’ Valorant.

During a series of games on her October 17 stream, the Twitch star was paired with a particularly angry Yoru player, who couldn’t stop criticizing her playstyle. Though, Lily had the last laugh.


Twitch streamer Lilypichu taking a mirror selfie in a denim jacket and yellow dress
Instagram: lilypichu
Lily might be adorable, but damn can she be fierce.

LilyPichu roasts toxic Valorant player

As Lily’s team continued to struggle on Split, the Yoru player continually flamed his teammates and pointed the finger at them for their poor results.

Attacking the squad for not pushing as aggressively as he’d like, the team’s Sage continually asked the Yoru to just “calm down.”

For the most part Lily just batted off his complaints with a giggle, but eventually things boiled over. After a victorious 1v1, the team’s stream queen finally snapped.

“God Yoru talks a lot,” she exclaimed. “Holy s**t, you should write a book or some s**t. Holy f**k, you have so many words, so many words so little substance. Jesus Christ. It’s like having an audiobook while I’m playing! It’s insane.”


Even though the Yoru tried to clap back at her supposed “dumb ass,” the streamer shut him down with a savage response. “You should voice narration s**t, you have a skill for that. So have so many words, but so little substance behind your words,” she added.

As the Jett joins in the party, she concluded: “oh my God it just keeps going, it’s like verbal diarrhea oh my f**king God…”

As the chat dropped “Ws” for Lily’s verbal smackdown, the Yoru seemed pretty taken aback, remaining relatively quiet from then on in – probably because he’s applying a lot of Aloe Vera to that very, very sick burn.