Disguised Toast picks up new Valorant team in partnership with Bleed Esports

Declan Mclaughlin
dsg x bleed

Bleed Esports has announced a partnership with Disguised to support a Valorant team in the Malaysia and Singapore region.

Disguised has officially exited the North American region in Valorant esports as the creator-owned brand is moving to the Southeast Asian region. Popular Twitch streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang started his esports project in 2023 and fielded Game Changers and North American Challengers League teams.

The announcement said that Bleed is providing full backing to the Disguised brand in the region and that the two organizations will host watch parties and events together.

Disguised Toast has talked in length about his struggles running an esports organization and how much money the endeavor has lost him since the start. The creator said that the brand would be taking some time off from the Game Changers scene in 2024, and has teased this collaboration for the main circuit.

Bleed and Disguised partner in Valorant

The two organizations did have some crossover before this partnership, as former DSG player Jacob ‘yay’ Whiteaker now plays for Bleed in the VCT Pacific league.

The announcement also included the full roster of players on the DSG team that will compete in the VCT Malaysia & Singapore Challengers League. The roster will try to make it through the league, into the Pacific region’s Ascension tournament, and qualify for the VCT league for 2025 and 2026.

“One of my goals with DSG is to build it into a global brand, and I’ve always wanted to expand to the Asia region. I lived in Malaysia from age 1 to 13 and haven’t visited since, so I’m excited to make a return,” DIsguised Toast said in a press release.

A content partnership is also being worked on between the two organizations.

This is one of the first Affiliate Team Partnerships that has been announced in 2024. The new program implemented by Riot Games allows affiliate organizations to collaborate on content and commercial partnerships and create two-way players. Players on the DSG roster can be tagged as two-way players and be called up to play for the Bleed roster in VCT Pacific.

The new DSG roster is as follows:

  • Azrie ‘Riza’ Adly
  • Tyler ‘juicy’ Aeria
  • Wong ‘JayH’ Heng
  • Bryce ‘bryce’ Lee
  • ‘Wayne’
  • Alexander ‘alexRr’ Frisch

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