Disguised Toast teases starting NA League of Legends team

Declan Mclaughlin
Disguised Toast at VCT Americas before teasing a League of Legends team.

Content creator Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has teased that he may be starting another esports team, this time in League of Legends.

Disguised Toast is no stranger to the esports scene, having supported two Valorant teams since the start of the year. But he may not be stopping there.

His Game Changers team was released after it failed to qualify for the first event of the season, while the men’s team will have to play the Challengers League relegation after finishing the season in tenth place following a 0-5 run in the second split.

After previously suggesting that he was thinking about expanding into other esports, Toast has now hinted at the next game on his mind: League of Legends.

Disguised Toast looks to form a League of Legends squad

The content creator tweeted that he is “thinking of starting a team” with the best available League of Legends players in North America.

League of Legends esports competition is not a semi-open circuit like Valorant. Disguised Toast’s Valorant squad had a chance to qualify for the Riot Games partnered league, VCT Americas, through the Challengers league and a promotion tournament.

If Toast does find five players to make up a League of Legends squad, he will have plenty of room to compete in the second tier of North American League of Legends as most League Championship Series teams have dropped their Challengers squads. But that is as far as the team can go as there is no pathway to the LCS.

The 10 LCS teams voted to do away with the requirement to field a team in the Challengers League, and a majority of them chose to leave after Riot Games agreed to remove the mandate.

This has left many coaches, managers and players in the second tier looking for a new team, and Disguised Toast may have a place for them to land. The NACL Summer Split is set to start soon, and the league needs to fill the seven slots left behind by the departing LCS teams.

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