yay pledges to donate DSG salary after relegation from Valorant NA Challengers

Jeremy Gan

Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker has pledged to donate his last paycheck from Disguised Toast’s pro DSG Valorant team after relegation from NA Challengers, saying he doesn’t “deserve it”. 

When DSG signed on yay before the start of the second split, it was a moment of hype as 2022’s best Valorant player was joining one of the most exciting NA Challengers orgs, one backed by social media star Disguised Toast. 

However, after a string of losses in the second split, posting a 0-5 record, they were made to fight for their spot in relegation. In the play-in relegation to keep said spot, the team quickly bowed out, losing its most important matches and being relegated from NA Challengers as a result.

And the loss was quite clearly devastating for the entire team, including Disguised Toast himself. Shortly after the defeat, yay took to Twitter to address the community. In his post, he pledged to donate his last paycheck from DSG, feeling as though he doesn’t “deserve it”. 

“I’ve never been so depressed I think in my entire life,” he started the tweet. “The mistakes that are happening on this team are things in which I’m 99% sure ranked players could do better, and it’s actually pathetic that we are ‘salaried professionals.’

“I’m donating my last paycheck to charity since I don’t deserve it.” 

As for the future of DSG and yay, it is unclear if the team will remain signed for the rest of the off-season. If that is the case, the squad will need to fight their way through the open qualifiers once again.