Disguised Toast & yay apologize to fans as Valorant team goes 0-3 in NA Challengers

Luís Mira
Disguised Toast streaming

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang’s Valorant team remains winless in the NA Challengers league, prompting the content creator, as well as star player Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker, to apologize to fans.

Three weeks into Split 2 of the NA Challengers League, Disguised sit bottom of Group A’s standings with a 0-3 record following defeats to Oxygen Esports, Shopify Rebellion and Turtle Troop.

The team has now only two matches left, against group leaders M80, and TSM, to improve on their record and pick up enough VCL points to be one of the eight sides that will go through to the playoffs. Disguised are currently ranked eighth in the circuit’s standings.

That scenario would’ve been deemed unthinkable just a few weeks ago, when Disguised signed former OpTic Gaming star yay to much fanfare. But as the team is staring down the daunting prospect of relegation, Disguised Toast apologized to the fans for the recent performances and acknowledged that the short period he has been in esports has been “one of the more challenging experiences I’ve faced in my career.”

“I have always been pretty confident in my content but for the first time in a long while – I have been having a lot of doubts about my decision-making,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Ultimately I have to approve all the decisions that are made regarding the team and it’s scary because I never had any competitive FPS experience and now i need to make choices over the livelihoods of these young players who are trying to make a living pursuing their aspirations.

“It’s hard because losing is bad enough as it is for them – but losing on DSG feels extra bad because there are so much attention on us coming into the league and we just haven’t been able to get a win. And with each loss the pressure and stress just build and build on the players.”

The OfflineTV member stressed that he has no regrets about entering esports and explained why he is sharing so many details about the team’s struggles – something that is not commonplace in the industry.

“I know a lot of you started supporting DSG because of me and I really wanted to show you guys my journey into the space,” he said. “It’s easy to be happy when one is winning, but I also think it’s important to show the times when one is at their low.”

yay says Disguised Toast “deserves” success

Several prominent esports figures have responded to Disguised Toast’s tweet expressing their support.

“Welcome to the rollercoaster ride of esports,” said Rushindra Sinha, the founder of VCT Pacific side Global Esports. “You are not alone, some of the biggest and best esports orgs face these challenges as well.”

TSM player Eric ‘Kanpeki’ Xu tweeted that he “greatly appreciates” what Disguised Toast has been doing. “You are helping the esports scene so much with making it far more entertaining and also helping up-and-coming players along with current players pursue their dreams of being a pro player,” he said.

yay also praised Disguised Toast, saying that he has been “incredible as an org owner”. He really does care more than any other I’ve seen,” the player argued. “If anyone deserves success, it’s him.”

Despite posting a series-high 1.27 VLR rating against Turtle Troop, ‘El Diablo’ took his share of the blame for the team’s struggles and vowed to pick up his form.

“Also I’m sorry, I had opportunities to potentially close our/extend our games and missed a few key shots that I’m fully capable of hitting,” yay said. “Toast deserves a win, and I will do everything in my power for the next match to be the best I can be.”

Disguised will play their next match on May 13, against M80 Esports, who are topping Group A with a 2-0 record.