Disguised Toast explains why DSG quit Game Changers after talks with Riot

Declan Mclaughlin

Disguised Toast revealed on stream that he isn’t planning on fielding a team in Valorant Game Changers in 2024 after talking with Riot Games about the circuit.

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang and his Valorant GC team had a rough 2023 season. The team failed to make the first Game Changers main event in North America and then lost out in the third and final tournament to a team with a player using cheats.

The DSG esports social media account announced that it released its Game Changers team on December 20, 2023, and said it does “not feel comfortable investing more into the scene as it exists today.”

In his first stream of the year, the esports org owner gave some more context to the decision and said that he doesn’t see the org picking up another Game Changers team in 2024.

Disguised Toast explains Game Changers exit

A viewer in Toast’s stream asked if he was looking to pick up a Valorant Challengers and GC team in 2024 to which the streamer said he doesn’t see his org reentering the women’s circuit anytime soon.

“Through our conversations with Riot after it happened I personally left with the impression that at least for 2024, GC is not quite there yet,” he said.

Disguised Toast said that the 2023 circuit was good and bad for the org, bad in the cheating incident, and good for the impact they had on the scene as a whole.

“Talking with Riot after GC3 made me feel like, at least for this year, it is not worth the time and effort,” he said.

The streamer did say he has been talking with his friends to potentially give the competition a try, but he doesn’t think there is enough support from Riot to warrant investment in 2024.

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