Deleted Valorant dev tweet leaves players split after teasing huge ultimate change

Viper walking out of pitRiot Games

In a now-deleted tweet from a Valorant developer, they teased a huge change to the game’s ultimate, and the possible tweak has left many players split. 

Anybody who has watched an analysis of a Valorant match before would have heard the term, “ult economy.” The term is in reference to teams managing their ult points and available ults on hand, as it is generally an agent’s most powerful ability.

Riot is obviously fully aware of this fact, which is why when nerfs and buffs are needed for an agent, the required ult points are often the first thing to be hit with buffs or nerfs.

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Now, it appears we might be in store for a huge change. In a quickly-deleted tweet from a Level Designer for Valorant, Joey Simas was showcasing recent changes made to Bind. However, he had inadvertently leaked a possible change to Viper’s ult. In this build, it would require Viper 10 ult points rather than the normal seven for her ult.

Upon posting the image, many players pointed out the change, with his screenshot being saved and reposted. According to Valorant dataminer Valorleaks, however, this is not a change that is happening anytime soon. 

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Despite that, it naturally opened up discussions from players if such a change would be good for the game. In a Reddit thread discussing such a move, the OP u/KungFuEli mentioned they wouldn’t mind if all agents’ ult is increased to the 8-10 point range. 

Some other players agreed it wouldn’t be too bad of a decision. But one pointed out that support players, such as initiators and sentinels, would struggle. “Making it too high could lead to some support players struggling to have an ult in the first place,” they implied.

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Another Redditor also mentioned that if it does increase, there need to be more ult orbs on all maps for players to farm. Or else some players who are struggling frag-wise wouldn’t get a chance to use their ult at all. 

Of course, there were still jokes, with Valorant team manager and general s***poster BoDork responding, “Inflation looking rough.” 

As of writing, there is no official statement from Riot on the possible changes for ult points. We’ll be sure to keep you posted here should any further details emerge.

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