xQc wanted court to stream Adept divorce case just like Depp v Heard

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Kick star xQc admitted that he asked for permission to stream his court case against ex-wife Adept, creating viral content that would have rivaled the likes of Johnny Depp v Amber Heard.

Prominent Twitch and Kick streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was embroiled in a legal battle with ex-wife and fellow broadcaster Samantha ‘Adept’ Lopez throughout much of 2023.

Their situation was a complicated one. After being “informally” wed in 2020, the two filed for divorce in November 2022. In June 2023, Adept filed for a Protective Order against xQc, accusing him of sexual assault.

The investigation into these claims was reportedly closed in August 2023 without any convictions, and Lengyel happily revealed the lawsuit was “all over” in December of that same year.

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Months later, xQc is opening up further about the case, admitting that he asked the court if he could live stream the proceedings.

xQc wanted to stream Adept court case

“If I could have spoken about the entire ordeal from start to finish, I would have,” he said in a February 18 stream. ” I would have deliberately made it content, ’cause like, if we’re gonna do all this dogsh*t, we might as well be able to have a couple good rants out of it.”

“I did ask to have the whole thing streamed,” he continued. “I did. They didn’t want that, which is completely reasonable. They gave me extremely valuable insight and reasons why not to, and it made sense to me.”

That’s not all; the streamer also revealed he is counter-suing Adept, saying he doesn’t want to “take the fall” for all the legal fees he incurred throughout their hassle last year.

Despite allegedly asking xQc for $10 million, no funds were exchanged between the ex-couple at the end of things… although the issue of Lengyel’s luxury cars remains a “complicated” affair.

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