xQc claims he is suing Adept to get his $300k McLaren back

Meera Jacka
xQc claims he is suing Adept to get his $300k McLaren back

xQc has revealed he is in the process of suing his former girlfriend Adept in hopes of getting his $300k McLaren back.

Popular streamer xQc has had his tumultuous relationship with Adept thrown in the public’s eye, the couple’s messy break-up resulting in a court case and many serious allegations thrown between the pair.

Alongside allegations of sexual assault, xQc lost out on his McLaren 720s Spider. The car, which was worth more than $300,000, was kept by Adept, with xQc claiming his ex-girlfriend used her ownership of the McLaren as a “manipulative tactic.”

However, it seems xQc is looking to get it back, revealing during a Kick stream that he is suing Adept after she allegedly illegally resold the vehicle.

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In a joint stream on his Kick channel with fellow content creators Adin Ross, DJ Akademiks, and YourRage, xQc opened up about the situation when asked whether he had bought back his “supercar.”

“Nope, it’s gone,” the streamer responded. “I’m not buying that sh** back, f*** no.”

When YourRage asked what had happened, xQc revealed, “[Adept] decided to sell it when she shouldn’t be allowed. Yeah, she’s insane.”

“The judge said nobody should have touched it and then she sold that b****,” DJ Akademiks added. “That’s illegal.”

Visibly shocked, YourRage asked where the money from the sale had ended up, with xQc stating, “I won’t speak about where the money is at, but it’s clearly not in my pocket, tell you that much.”

xQc went on to reveal he is suing Adept over the fiasco, but that the lawsuit “will take months.”

At this time, it is unclear what exactly the lawsuit details and how Adept has or will respond to the allegations. She has yet to make a public statement on the situation, though we’ll be sure to update this space with any further news.

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