xQc claims Adept demanded a $2 million house as part of their split

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Adept next to xQc streaming

xQc claimed in a recent Kick stream that Adept had demanded he give her a $2 million house as they continue their settlement for their divorce.

xQc and Adept filed for divorce back in November 2022, after they had been in a ‘common law marriage’ since 2020. Ever since, nonstop drama has followed, which has often dominated socials.

Throughout 2023, xQc and Adept’s public split and court case was a long and messy affair for both. It all finally came to a head in late August when the case was closed without conviction

It was only months after the settlement when xQc opened up publicly on the matter, telling his fans how he felt about the entire ordeal, calling the entire saga an “absolute disaster.” 

Disputes over their settlement have gone public, and in December, xQc claimed Adept wanted $10 million to settle their court battle. Now two months later, he has claimed that Adept tried to get a $2 million house from him.

xQc claims Adepts wanted a $2 million house in divorce

In a recent stream, xQc opened up more about his divorce from Adept and claimed she’d demanded a house from him.

He said: “She tried down the line to say like ‘Oh yeah I asked you for a parting amount’ or some sh*t like that. She said like ‘I want just like 500k or whatever’ – that’s just not true.

xQc & Adept
Adept and xQc filed for divorce in 2022.

“She asked for a house worth $2 mill or more, that was the demand.”

He continued to explain her argument for getting the $2 million house: “The argument was because – this is verbatim – because I [Adept] was there, you [xQc] were able to get all this and acquire all that.

“And now with this, you take care of your family and you house your family. It’s only fair that now that we separate that I get the house for my family.”

It comes after xQc reportedly froze his assets in the middle of the divorce proceedings. This kind of motion is submitted to request to the court for a person to be prevented from using assets that are lawfully registered as being involved with a particular lawsuit.

This is just the latest development in the ex-couple’s ongoing legal feud, and it’s unclear if Adept will receive the house or not as neither of them has commented on it further.

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