xQc debunks claims he and Adept were married following on-stream incident

Twitch: xQc

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has shut down claims that he and Adept were married after he cut his stream short when his ex-girlfriend turned up.

Even though they had been dating for a few years, xQc and Adept kept their relationship pretty lowkey for quite some time. The Twitch streamers regularly referred to one another as just roommates, which became a running joke between their fanbases.

They eventually got a little more with their fans and shared romantic moments on stream, but having a relationship in front of thousands also brought about headaches. The pair clashed in-game, prompting real-life arguments that boiled over

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The streamers had split on a few occasions as well, but ultimately got back together. That is until their most recent split in September, which has prompted plenty of drama about cars, who they’re seeing otherwise, and even claims they were married. 

xQc shuts down claims he and Adept were married

The latter started during xQc’s January 7 stream, which he had to cut short after Adept turned up at his home and the pair started arguing over him apparently “violating a court law.”

After some fans did some digging, they apparently found a court filing with Williamson County, Texas that stated that the two streamers were going through the divorce process and restraining orders were being cast down. Though, xQc claimed it wasn’t exactly the truth. 

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“I am not married, I was never married, ok?” he said during his January 8 stream. “And, everyone who has watched the stream for like six years, ok, knows my exact mindset about this. Everybody knows my word-for-word, things I’ve been saying for years that I would probably never get married for the rest of my life.”

The Canadian said marriage was something that didn’t “interest” him and he believed people only got married due to “customs” and traditions.

“It’s just not me, I don’t see any value in it,” he added. “I was never married whatsoever, it has never happened. That’s it.”

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It remains to be seen if anything further will come from the streamers situation, especially as they’ve been unable to stay away from one another.