xQc freaks out after accidentally leaking his own Twitter DMs on stream

xQc holding hand over mouthxQc

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel had a bit of a freak-out moment on stream as he briefly showed his Twitter DMs to the world and decided to troll fans with a Kick “leak”.

When Twitch streamers aren’t streaming games, and are just talking to fans or reacting to videos, they don’t have too much they have to worry about going wrong. Everything is pretty much in their control. 

Given that many of them have multiple monitors, they can keep things out of view of fans, whether that be checking if a video is safe to show to everyone or reading messages from others.

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Of course, there have been plenty of slip-ups over the years, and xQc almost joined them when he decided to bring a new window on screen that had his Twitter DMs just in view for everyone to see.

xQc trolls fans with Kick ‘leak’ after exposing Twitter DMs

That’s right, during his April 3 stream as he was reacting to some clips, the Canadian decided to drag and drop a new window onto his main screen, showing it to fans. 

Within a few seconds of doing so, he let out a high-pitched scream as he realized his Twitter DMs were showing. There wasn’t anything too bad on show, but he did spark intrigue when he teased he had messages about Kick – the platform trying to muscle in on Twitch’s dominance. 

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“Oh my god! Dude, I thought I leaked my Kick thing,” xQc said. Though, he did it in such an exaggerated manner that plenty of fans immediately suggested he was trolling. 

As a number of streamers have jumped ship to Kick, xQc has been pretty supportive of the platform. He previously said that they were going about things the “right way” in offering non-exclusive deals to big streamers who want to split time between Kick and Twitch. 

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It’s unlikely he’ll make the switch any time soon, given he’s one of Twitch’s biggest stars, but won’t stop him trolling over it.

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