xQc defends Twitch for being “out of touch” because streamers don’t help

xQc in twitch and grey shirt looking at cameraTwitch: xQc

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel stepped in to defend the Amazon-owned streaming platform, claiming that streamers will happily call it “out of touch” but not provide feedback to change things.

Over the last few years, Twitch has firmly cemented itself as the top livestreaming platform out there – seeing off challenges from the likes of Mixer, Facebook Gaming, and even YouTube. 

Despite that, streamers have constantly criticized the Amazon-owned platform for a number of different things. These have included changing the splits on subscriptions, introducing more adverts, and a crackdown on content like gambling streams. 

These changes, and others, have led to some streamers trotting out the line that Twitch is “out of touch” with what streamers want. However, xQc has defended the platform because seemingly no one offers feedback to change things. 

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xQc defends Twitch amid “out of touch” claims from streamers

The former Overwatch star brought it up during his March 16 stream, as he claimed that streamers refuse to give feedback whenever Twitch asks for it, creating even more issues. 

“People say Twitch is out of touch because it’s easy to preach to the choir and get free chat approval because people are already mad at Twitch for a lot of things,” xQc said. 

“And then, what would fix this if they’re out of touch? It would be feedback from creators. Every time that Twitch asks for feedback, gives meetings for feedback, nobody says s*it, nobody shows up, people don’t attend. It’s insane.”

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The Canadian noted that there was a “big meeting” at TwitchCon for streamers to offer feedback directly to Twitch executives, but that chance went begging as well. 

“There was a big meeting at Twitch when it was Twitchcon, it was literally the executive board plus streamers of all sizes,” he added. “Everybody was invited, not everybody showed up and when it’s time to give feedback, people didn’t say s*it.”

Some streamers do give feedback via social media and discussions on their channel, but if they don’t follow the proper steps, it’s always going to be difficult to implement change.

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