CodeMiko unveils new jaw-dropping VTuber model in Unreal Engine 5 “IRL stream”

Jeremy Gan
Codemiko shows off new vtuber model in Unreal Engine 5Twitch: CodeMiko

CodeMiko has unveiled a new jaw-dropping VTuber model rendered in Unreal Engine 5, all done during a simulated “IRL stream”. 

If there is one streamer you can count on to push the boundaries of motion capture technology for VTubing, it’s CodeMiko. From her hyper-realistic models to her impressively accurate motion capture, she’s been an innovator from the beginning. 

Naturally, now that devs have steadily gotten their hands on Unreal Engine 5, it was only time until CodeMiko created a VTuber in the latest edition of the game engine. 

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Revealed over two streams, she showcased her new VTuber model created in Unreal Engine 5, all shown off in an “IRL stream” in a virtual jungle. 

“This is an Unreal Engine 5 demo showing off how far we can get with VTuber streaming using the tech that’s available today!” wrote CodeMiko in her tweet showing off the stream highlights. 

In the clips and streams, we can see how far she’s able to take Vtuber technology with UE5. She showed off the real-time motion capture technology, how she was able to easily move around the virtual jungle, and the jaw-dropping beauty of the renders throughout. 

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This was of course all done in an “IRL stream” where she took a tour around the virtual jungle, observing simulated lions, elephants, and an impressive kaleidoscope of butterflies flying around the locale. 

Not only was her environment impressive, some of the camera angles were also shockingly true to life as for how many IRL streams look like, with shots that are akin to vlogs. Albeit without the shakiness of a real person’s hand. 

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Despite being a simulated “IRL stream”, CodeMiko showed off the various wacky things she could pull off with the model and the environment, such as randomly putting her model in a swamp and drowning them.

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