Twitch streamer speechless after cop reveals he’s a fan during IRL stream

Dylan Horetski
Ari at home

Twitch streamer ‘ARIatHOME’ was streaming from the sidewalks of New York City when he was approached by an NYPD officer who turned out to be a fan of his — leaving Ari quite shocked.

Known for music, just chatting, and IRL broadcasts, ARIatHOME has made himself known to almost 100,000 followers on Twitch.

The streamer went out to the streets of New York City on May 18, 2024 to stream himself and a friend making beats while walking down the sidewalk with a keyboard, tablet, and much musical equipment more strapped to him.

Ari’s broadcast was interrupted when a police officer appeared to be watching him from afar. Worried they might be in trouble, Ari and his friend approached the officer, but were left speechless after finding out the man was actually one of his Twitch followers.

“No way! Woah,” Ari said. “Nice to meet you! They were like tagging me [and saying] ‘Woah, there’s cops behind you.'”

The officer went on to explain that he was watching the stream while they were at a previous location, and had time to come see them to say hello.

Ari said that he initially thought the officer was going to tell him to leave the area, potentially putting an end to the broadcast entirely.

After finding out the police officer wasn’t there to put an end to the stream, viewers in chat began hyping up the interaction. “NO WAY,” one commented. “HOLY S**T,” another said.

Streamers have been approached by fans of all kinds while IRL streaming over the years, with countless viral moments making their way across social media.

Back in April, Erobb was approached by a fan and attacked with silly string while in his car. JakeNBake, arguably one of the most viral IRL streamers, was targeted by serial stream sniper CoolSlick during his Japan trip in 2022.