IRL Twitch streamer gets last laugh after stranger spits in his face in Tokyo

Michael Gwilliam
twitch streamer cashmeow and police officer get tourist who spit on him

A Twitch streamer was assaulted by a man during an IRL Tokyo broadcast, but got the last laugh when the police got involved.

Japan is one of the most popular locations for IRL streams and ‘CashMeow’ is no exception, frequently traveling the land of the rising sun and sharing his experiences with viewers.

During an April 20 broadcast, the streamer started having a conversation with a tourist from New Zealand, but things quickly turned sour when the man randomly began talking about wanting to elbow CashMeow.

After walking away, for a moment, the tourist returned and spat at the streamer multiple times, leaving a large loogie all over his face.

“You gotta apologize to me or I’m gonna go to the police,” the Twitch streamer explained as he followed the man.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” the New Zealander faked before spitting at CashMeow yet again. Luckily, a police station was nearby and the streamer was able to get the attention of an officer who gave chase.

While the policeman wasn’t able to catch up with the spitter, the officer recovered a cell phone that the tourist dropped, much to the delight of CashMeow.

“He dropped his cell phone!” the streamer laughed in glee, finally getting some karma for the unfortunate incident.

The streamer ended up talking to the police afterward and filed a report. Officers were later able to find the assailant.

“Hey man, what’s up, dog? How about we go to the police station real quick?” Cash laughed as he put his arm around the suspect. “I didn’t press charges. They got your phone here.”

This time, the man did end up apologizing for the incident and the two even hugged it out in a surprising end to the whole ordeal.

CashMeow has had trouble in Japan before. Back in 2022, he was physically assaulted by a group of strangers and even had some of his camera equipment destroyed.

Foreigners streaming for content in Japan has been a controversial topic as of late. The Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary even urged streamers to refrain from “invading privacy and causing nuisance” after Kick star Johnny Somali was arrested for causing trouble.

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