TikToker won’t stop tattooing MrBeast’s name on himself until he meets him

Virginia Glaze
mrbeast-fan-tattoo-3YouTube: Colin and Samir / TikTok: RichFlows

One determined TikToker won’t stop getting MrBeast’s name tattooed on himself until he meets the infamous internet icon in person.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is one of the most prominent personalities on the internet, as well as YouTube’s single most-subscribed independent content creator of all time.

Best known for his over-the-top viral challenge videos, recreations of hit TV series, and his jaw-dropping philanthropic projects, MrBeast’s internet fame knows no bounds.

Which is probably why one superfan is hellbent on getting to meet the YouTube star — by any means necessary.

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Fan gets MrBeast’s name tattooed on his body 8 times

A TikToker by the name ‘RichFlows’ has gotten MrBeast’s name tattooed around his kneecap eight times, seemingly in the hopes of finally meeting his idol.

He shared his ink with his followers in a video on April 25 — and now, he’s going viral on Twitter as netizens can’t believe he actually got a YouTuber’s name tattooed on himself.

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“Dear MrBeast, you’re the light of hope this world needed,” he captioned his video. “Keep inspiring.”

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This isn’t the first time RichFlows has done this, though. In fact, the up-and-coming creator did the same thing with FaZe Rug’s name in early 2022, getting 37 tattoos of the influencer’s gamer tag emblazoned on his body.

FaZe Rug took notice of his fan’s dedication and met up with RichFlows to sit in on yet another tattoo session where he got his final ink of the star’s name on his leg.

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There’s no telling if MrBeast will do the same… but considering that he once said Logan Paul’s name literally 100,000 times for a video, it would make sense if the king of YouTube eventually recognizes his biggest fan’s attempt at getting noticed by him.

This is just the latest news to come from MrBeast and his fanbase after the YouTuber smashed his own views record just a few days prior.

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