xQc accuses Kai Cenat of stealing his camping stream idea

xQc wearing black t-shirt staring at cameraxQc

Twitch star xQc has claimed fellow streamer Kai Cenat of stole his idea following an IRL camping stream.

Over the years, live streaming has certainly evolved from what it once was. Whether it be IRL streams, month-long subathons, or gameshows, creators have come up with some innovative ideas to keep content fresh.

But as time goes on, it’s becoming harder and harder to come up with new ideas — leaving many following the latest trends.

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On the other hand, we’ve seen a ton of creators simply copy ideas, and now xQc is accusing Kai Cenat of stealing his idea.

xQc claims Kai Cenat stole his idea

During xQc’s May 28 live stream, the ’27-year-old ‘Juicer’ was scrolling through LivestreamFails, where he stumbled upon a post of a user accusing Kai Cenat of “scamming” them for their stream ideas and not paying for them.

Trying to hold his words back, the Twitch star began to go on a tangent — also accusing Kai of stealing his idea. “Alright, you know what, I’m going to come out of the woodwork and say it chat. I’ve been holding onto this chat I’m going to f**king say it, here comes the drama chat,” he said.

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“I go to Kai’s Twitter, he does this Rumble stream, Rumble show right?” I click on it, first episode what is it? It was my camping idea that I had done for his subathon on the day that I called them on stream.”

He continued: “What the f**k? Where is my cut? It was my idea where’s my cut, where is it? Did you see it? It was a one-to-one my idea.”

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“It was though. That’s at least low seven-figure, at least,” xQc insisted.

After Kai caught wind of the ‘Juicers’ accusations, the recently-signed Rumble star hit back, claiming they came up with the idea on their own — before he “copied and pasted” the concept from BOYZTOBER.

However, according to Kai, they even planned on inviting xQc to tag along on the trip, but in the end, it just never came to fruition.

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