Streamer YourRAGE thanks Kendrick Lamar for removing copyright on Drake diss reactions

Shay Robson
Streamer YourRAGE next to photo of Kendrick Lamar

FaZe Clan member YourRAGE has praised Kendrick Lamar for removing copyright claims on his reaction videos to the Drake diss tracks.

Kick streaming star ‘YourRAGE’ is among the millions following the beef between rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

The two have been going back and forth for a while, with things really heating up when Kendrick dropped his diss track ‘Euphoria’ on April 30, firing shots at the Canadian rapper. Their beef escalated, with Drake responding with ‘Family Matters’.

Kendrick hit back within just minutes, only to release another track a few hours later. YourRAGE has been keeping up with the saga, releasing reactions to the diss tracks on his YouTube channel.

However, while they were initially copyright-claimed, Kendrick’s label has removed their claims — allowing the streamer to be paid for the videos.

“Kendrick removed all copyright away from all my reactions to his disstracks & is letting me get paid for all of [them]” YourRAGE wrote on X. “No label has ever done that for me so I’m thankful.”

The streamer confirmed that it was also automatic, explaining he didn’t request for the claim to be lifted while responding to a comment.

He also followed up to confirm that his Drake reactions were also free from copyright claims.

YourRAGE was among the few that stayed in FaZe Clan after joining back in August 2023. A “reboot” saw 17 members dropped from FaZe, including many who have represented the organization for years.