xQc brutally roasts Kai Cenat after fan meeting goes wrong

Shay Robson
xQc and Kai Cenat looking at each other

xQc has brutally flamed Twitch star Kai Cenat after a viral fan encounter goes horribly wrong during IRL stream.

Despite them proving time and time again how much they can end in complete disaster, IRL streams have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years.

While we’ve seen streamers be robbed, chased, and threatened for their lives during their adventures, Kai Cenat‘s recent IRL stream took a bit of a different turn.

The Twitch star was exploring the streets of Japan during his July 14 live stream, when a young female fan approached him asking for a picture.

The streamer immediately complimented the fan, saying “damn you look good shawty,” before asking for her name. However, before continuing, Kai asked how old they were, to which she responded by revealing she was only 16 — which it’s fair to say left the streamer almost completely lost for words.

“God bless bro, oh sh*t,” he said staring into the camera. After snapping the photo, the fan thanked the streamer and quickly hurried off. Although, as for Kai, he needed a moment to sit down and breathe.

xQc flames Kai Cenat after fan meet goes viral

Reacting to the clip, which has gone viral across the streaming community — amassing over 75,000 views on Twitch so far, xQc couldn’t help but roast Kai.

After hearing the fan say she was only 16, xQc was likewise left speechless. After pausing the video for a brief moment to think, the Juicer unexpectedly began to flame Kai — poking fun at the streamer’s size after noticing the fan towered over him in height.

“Bro… bro he called her ‘shorty’ — brother if she’s shorty, then he’s miniature,” he said with a grin on his face. “What the f**k.”

It’s fair to say fans were definitely amused by xQc’s brutal “violation” against Kai, with many laughing in chat. With it all being just jokes, there’s likely no bad blood between them.