Best moments from Kai Cenat’s Kevin Hart stream that took over Twitch

Eleni Thomas
Kevin Hart Kai Cenat stream

Kai Cenat brought on comedian and actor Kevin Hart for his latest Twitch collab, the two causing complete chaos while talking about streaming culture, playing games together, and more.

Kai Cenat is continuing to build on the success of his Elden Ring marathon, the content creator generating huge interest once again thanks to his new collab stream with the mega-popular Kevin Hart.

After finally wrapping up his mammoth Elden Ring playthrough, viewers were curious to see what Cenat had planned next. While we now know he has plans to develop a Hunger Games-style series in the future, Cenat kept his audiences on the edge of their seats when he revealed Kevin Hart would be joining him during his May 24, 2024 stream.

The stream, which amassed over 300,000 live viewers at one point, featured both chaos and comedy. Here are some of the most memorable moments.

Kai Cenat gifts Kevin Hart a stepstool

While Cenat and Hart were all smiles during the early moments of the stream, Cenat quickly flipped the script when he revealed to Hart that he had bought him a gift.

After opening the box, Kevin Hart’s face quickly turned sour, showing Cenat’s chat that the present in question was, in fact, a step stool. 

“It’s a step stool,” Hart says before sarcastically adding, “This is everything man, thank you.”

The two then role-played an instance in which Kevin needed to grab some cereal from the top of the fridge, the comedian begrudgingly climbing up the steps on camera. Hart quickly stepped down, claiming the present is “cool” before moving the conversation on.

Kai breaks down Twitch subs

As this collab marked Kevin Hart’s first ever time appearing on Twitch, the actor had a few questions about how the streaming process works. Most notably, the conversation in which Cenat tried to explain the Twitch subbing process generated nothing but laughs from viewers.

In the clip, Hart could be heard shouting “What the f*** does this mean” over and over again when Cenat tried to explain what gifted subs mean on the platform.

Once Hart wrapped his head around the feature, things once again took a turn when Cenat revealed that American rapper T-Pain had gifted Cenat 50 subs. Hart immediately called out the singer for being “cheap.”

“How can Rainbow [another viewer] come in and gift 100 and T-Pain cheap a** only gift 50?” joked Hart, a comment that then caused Cenat to burst out in laughter. Hart slammed the rapper further, adding, “T-Pain what the f*ck was that? You cheap, piece of sh*t T-Pain. Do another 50 man, I can see it in real-time.”

What’s in the Box challenge

Another memorable moment of the stream was when Hart and Cenat decided to play a game of What’s in the Box, wherein, the two took turns putting something in a cardboard box and the other person had to try and guess what it was without seeing it.

The items the two had to try and guess included a cup of straws, a real-life bunny rabbit, and plenty more. While Hart managed to keep a relatively cool head throughout most of the game, he completely freaked out when a bird was brought in.

Kevin Hart is famously scared of animals, his appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in which Robert Irwin brings wild animals onto stage generated millions of views on YouTube, in large part due to Hart’s over-the-top and dramatic antics. 

The comedian is consistent with this response during Cenat’s stream, running out the door after a bird began to fly around the room.

When Hart did finally return, he hid behind the slightly opened door and told Cenat to “be careful” before walking back in properly once the animal has been put away.

For those wanting to catch up on the full five-hour and 40-minute stream, be sure to check out Kai Cenat’s Twitch vod here.