Kevin Hart brutally roasts Kai Cenat for shooting his shot with Tyla and failing miserably

Jacob Hale
kevin hart on kai cenat twitch stream

Kevin Hart appeared on Kai Cenat’s Twitch stream on May 23, sharing some laughs with Kai and learning all about the streaming world — but he couldn’t hold back when watching the viral clip of Kai trying and failing to woo singer Tyla.

South African singer Tyla became a viral sensation in 2023 with her hit Water, which quickly became one of the most-played sounds on TikTok.

As with almost anybody who finds success in the internet realm, Tyla was invited onto Kai Cenat’s stream in March, chatting with Kai and his viewers about everything going on in her life.

Before long, Kai decided to ask her on a date, but was quickly shut down as she said that they were “just friends,” and questioned why he was doing it on stream in front of so many viewers.

Kai took a lot of ridicule for the awkward moment by both fans and critics online, but he likely didn’t expect it to rear its head once again two months later, when Kevin Hart appeared on his stream, and they sat to watch the clip together.

Hart frequently asked Kai to pause the video and question the streamer’s decision-making, and even joked that he wanted to “punch him [Kai] in the face” when he asked the singer to go on a date.

He even said that Cenat “looks like a creep… You look like someone who smells seats,” sounding severely disappointed while calling the streamer an “idiot.”

All Cenat could do the whole time was look on, clearly upset with himself, and let Hart roast him, not arguing back and only slightly trying to fight his case.

Kai didn’t take heat from Kevin the whole stream though, fortunately for him, and even got his own back with one joke, gifting the 5’ 2” comedian a stepstool, one of the best moments from the Kevin Hart/Kai Cenat stream.