Kai Cenat defends attending North West’s birthday after being called “weird”

Meera Jacka
Kai Cenat and North West

Kai Cenat has hit back at those claiming it was “weird” for him to have met up with North West for her 11th birthday.

On June 15, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s oldest child North West turned 11, celebrating the day in New York City with her mom and a commemorative t-shirt to mark the occasion.

YouTuber and popular streamer Kai Cenat also made an appearance, later posting to his Instagram story a photo of him and North to one of Kanye’s songs.

However, some viewers took issue with his attendance, claiming it was “weird” for Kai to be “hanging out with an 11 [year old]”, and comparing him to “Drake and Diddy”.

Despite the mass backlash slamming the situation as “weird”, others were quick to point out that Kai is a “kid-friendly streamer“.

Kai himself has since responded, sharing a similar sentiment and revealing he had been asked to meet North as he was her “favorite streamer.”

“To everybody who literally made yesterday weird, you’re being so weird, bro,” Kai said, turning the tables on those opposed to his catch-up with North.

“Here’s the thing… I am North’s favorite streamer, okay? So yesterday, all she wanted to do was meet me, bro. That was it. Literally.”

Kai went on to say that the allegations against him were the “weirdest thing” about the situation; “I have a whole bunch of parents whose daughters and sons would love to meet me, bro. And if I could, I would just meet everybody.”

Despite the hate he had received over his appearance at North’s birthday, Kai insisted the pair had a “great time” and promised an “epic” upcoming vlog showcasing how the day went.

“Kids always [want to] meet [their] favorite celebrities,” one person replied on X (formerly Twitter), agreeing with what Kai had to say.

Another pointed out that “Kim reached out and paid him to attend her daughter’s birthday party,” with a third claiming that it was “f***ed” that Kai even had to address the situation.