Kai Cenat uses MrBeast’s credit card to give back to the community

Meera Jacka
Kai Cenat with a truck full of goods he handed out in Compton.

Kai Cenat is fulfilling his promise to use MrBeast’s credit card to “go back to the hood” and give back to the community.

During a livestream on June 25, the popular Twitch streamer revealed he had been given MrBeast’s credit card after filming an unreleased video together, which is expected to be the YouTuber’s “biggest” one yet.

The request was evidently granted, with Kai sharing that he had big spending plans in mind: “I’m copping everybody mad s***.”

And it looks like Kai has indeed carried through, with various posts on X (formerly Twitter) showing the streamer handing out free goods in Compton on July 1.

X account ‘No Jumper‘ showed the streamer giving away free shoes to a large crowd from the back of a truck, the shoes supposedly purchased from Cool Kicks with plenty of Nikes in the mix.

Another post by ‘FearBuck‘ revealed iPhones and TVs had also been handed out, with multiple children showing off their gifts from Kai in the attached video and telling the cameraman how “great” they felt.

“Kai Cenat pulled up to the hood in Compton with the credit card MrBeast gave him to spend,” FearBuck captioned, adding that “Kai proceeded to match” the amount on the card and “gave away so much to the youth.”

“Kai out there changing the world,” one person on X wrote in response to the videos, praising how the streamer chose to use MrBeast’s credit card to give back.

Stating Kai was “really for the people”, multiple viewers insisted that the acts of kindness were proof “we actually made the right person famous.”

As of now, it’s unknown whether Kai has any money left on the credit card and if so, where he’s headed out next. One thing that is certain is fans are stoked to see the streamer help out Compton’s community: “Kai Cenat could’ve used the credit card for himself but chooses to give back to the community just like MrBeast.”