Tourist demands Twitch streamer pay him because of filming laws in his home country

Michael Gwilliam
twitch streamer justketh confronted for filming in public

Thai streamer ‘justketh’ was vacationing in Laos when she was confronted by a man in a restaurant who ordered her to pay for his food because of laws in Germany.

IRL Twitch streams have surged in popularity with content creators traveling the globe and while no two broadcasts are ever the same, one common theme is some people just really don’t like to be filmed.

Over the years we’ve seen countless arguments break out between streamers and random people who don’t like appearing on camera. Some have even gone as far as trying to break equipment if streamers don’t stop filming.

On March 14, justketh had to deal with a similar situation, but in a unique twist, the man who didn’t want to be filmed ordered her to pay up instead.

Twitch streamer baffled after man demands she pay for his food

As justketh streamed from the Laos restaurant, a man walked up to her to explain that she had filmed him earlier and demanded some form of compensation.

“You can pay our check or you give us your name and your address and you hear from my lawyer,” he urged. “If you are doing a live stream I know it’s not allowed. If you do just random video or picture, it’s fine.”

Confused, justketh hit back at these claims, saying that she was in a public restaurant so it should be fine, but the man began arguing that German law should apply to Laos.

“It’s international. You’re not streaming in Laos, you’re streaming worldwide!” he blasted.

“How can you use German law in Laos?” justketh questioned. “You’re not even from here.”

The feud continued for a few minutes with neither side backing down. Eventually, the man had enough and decided that if the streamer knew the law better than him, she shouldn’t have an issue sharing her name.

“I have my channel name if you want. I don’t have to give you my personal information. Just go on my channel,” she said.

Luckily, the whole debacle ended there without the two continuing their bickering. So far, there’s no word on whether the man ended up contacting his lawyer or if his legal threat evolved into anything more severe.

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