Forsen vs xQc Minecraft feud continues as new speedrun shaves minutes off last record

Liam Ho
Forsen playing Minecraft

Forsen was finally able to beat out xQc’s Minecraft speedrun record, smashing the streamer’s previous record by a good amount of time.

Minecraft is known as one of the most chill sandbox games you can pick up and play today. Its classic blocky aesthetic has resulted in it becoming a timeless hit, which is still enjoyed by a huge player base to this day. However, a lesser-known way to play Minecraft is through its intense speed runs, which took over Twitch not so long ago.

It appears that the speedrun competitions are still alive and well on Twitch, with the popular variety streamer Forsen still streaming his runs every so often. Forsen’s original record was stolen from him by xQc earlier this year, however, but the king is now back in town once again.

Forsen shaves off 2 minutes from xQc’s Minecraft speedrun, taking back the record

Forsen was able to finally take down xQc’s record from a few months prior, and by a hefty amount too. According to the clip posted, Forsen was able to defeat Minecraft’s final boss the Ender Dragon in just over 18 minutes. This was far faster than xQc’s posted time of just over 20 minutes, netting him his title back.

The clip of Forsen’s victorious run has since gone viral on r/LivestreamFail, garnering over 12.9k upvotes marking the historic moment on Twitch. Forsen fans were clearly ecstatic to see the streamer finally reclaim his title after grinding the game for so long to take it back.

Many viewers believed that Forsen decided to start taking his runs more seriously, after the announcement of Counter-Strike 2 earlier today, as well as the imminent release of Resident Evil 4. Their theory was that Forsen wanted to finally swap to the brand new Counter-Strike, instead of speedrunning Minecraft over and over again.

Unfortunately for xQc, viewers didn’t only point out that he lost his record today. They also decided to point out that he wasn’t invited to partake in the beta for Counter-Strike 2. Commenters mocked xQc, stating it was the “worst day to be a juicer”.

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Forsen calls out xQc on Twitter, but xQc is ready for the challenger

Forsen even took to Twitter to call out xQc, stating that he’s been “permanently destroyed”. He even went so far to suggest xQc should find a different occupation, as his previous record should make him embarrassed.

xQc was ready to get back at Forsen however, letting him know that he’ll be seeing him in just a week.

It’s likely we’ll see xQc return to Minecraft once again in an attempt to beat Forsen’s record. Will he manage to shave even more seconds to claim back his throne? Or will Forsen maintain the king of the Minecraft speedrun? It seems that only time will tell the conclusion of this epic rivalry.