xQc beats Forsen’s Minecraft speedrun with impressive new record

xQc wearing blue t-shirt and HyperX headsetxQc

xQc has finally beaten Forsen’s Minecraft speedrun record again, and it’s fair to say the Twitch star is ecstatic.

Forsen and xQc have gone back and forth for years now, with the two Twitch stars continuously trying to beat each other’s Minecraft speed-running record.

Earlier this year, xQc finally won back his speedrunning bragging rights after losing them to Forsen in April 2021 — who set the record at 20 minutes and 38 seconds. Although, xQc managed to shave off 33 seconds in his run, setting the record at 20 minutes and 5 seconds.

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However, after weeks and weeks of trying the record was ultimately broken by Forsen once again — who cut out a ton of time in the process by defeating the Ender Dragon in just over 18 minutes. But, now, xQc has come back to reclaim his title.

xQc smashes Forsen’s Minecraft speedrun

After trying over and over again, xQc has come back to reclaim his speedrun bragging rights, where during the Twitch star’s May 6 broadcast he finally set a new record.

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After 8-hours of almost nonstop grueling Minecraft, xQc took down the Ender Dragon in just 16 minutes and 38 seconds — once more slashing the previous record by minutes.

“Boom, yes!” the streamer repeatedly screamed. “Boom, 16:38. Oh my god,” he added with a sigh of relief.

It’s fair to say xQc was more than thrilled by the new record, and his chat too was overjoyed. Now, the ball is back in Forsen’s court, where all eyes will be on him to set a new record — although it’ll certainly be a difficult task for the streamer to beat xQc’s time.

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