Forsen steals xQc’s Minecraft speed-running time

Daniel Appleford
Forsen beating the ender dragon

The battle continues as Forsen has once again beaten xQc’s Minecraft speed running record after five months.

For the last three years, xQc and Forsen have gone back and forth on beating each other’s speed-runs. Since May of this year, xQc has held the record for defeating the Ender Dragon at 16 minutes and 38 seconds.

Prior to this time, Forsen had held the record, with a time of just over 18 minutes, meaning xQc had shaved off around two minutes from Forsen’s last record.

With the Minecraft speed-run trophy on his head, xQc was confident that his time of under 17 minutes would be enough to best the other Twitch streamer. However, the rush would be short-lived, as Forsen spent the next five months trying to break his record.

Forsen slips past xQc’s speed-run record by one second

The clip of Forsen narrowly taking back the record began popping up on Reddit, showing that the streamer just barely made the record his own. At 16 minutes and 37 seconds, the Ender Dragon fell and Forsen immediately clicked off to the main menu screen.

Forsen’s method was to stack beds in the middle of the Ender Dragon spawn, causing them to blow up and do significant damage. As he ran out of beds, he began to hit the dragon with an iron axe until it eventually fell.

Unlike when xQc set the last record, Forsen made no big outcry when the record was set. Instead, he exited out of the main screen and looked off to the left.

It’s clear by his body language that this was something that he had been working toward for a long time, and he was finally able to achieve it.

Neither Forsen nor xQc have made any public statements about who holds the new record, and it is unclear whether or not xQc will once again try to beat Forsen and reach a time below 16 minutes and 37 seconds.

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