xQc in stitches while spectating Forsen’s failed Minecraft speedrun

xQc Forsen minecraftTwitch: xQc

Twitch streamer Forsen’s latest attempt at a Minecraft speedrun got a big reaction from rival xQc, whose reaction to the failed run made viewers laugh at its dramatic nature.

Speedrunning in video games has become a bigger and bigger feature in the gaming community. In particular, streamers now have dedicated accounts or days to speedrunning, playing through popular games and trying to beat previously set records.

Whether it be speedrunning whole games or simply trying to finish a specific challenge or section as quickly as possible, viewers love to see their favorite streamers rise up to the challenge. One game that has created a strong speedrunning community is Minecraft.

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Over the years Forsen and xQc have been beating each other’s records in dramatic fashion. Some records only being beaten by a few seconds. Back in April 2021, Forsen famously completed the game in just 20 minutes and 38 seconds, just seven seconds faster than xQc. The two have gone back and forth online as well, egging each other on and fuelling their playful Minecraft rivalry.

In a recent Twitch stream, Forsen tried his luck at whipping through a new speedrun attempt. In keeping with their usual online banter, xQc reacted to Forsen stream, with one clip of the latter dying in-game causing xQc to burst out laughing.

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Forsen is yet to respond to xQc’s laughter. However, knowing the way the two content creators go back and forth online, it’s only a matter of time before Forsen posts about the reaction. Time will also tell what new Minecraft speedrun record the two compete for and break next.

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