xQc sets new Minecraft speedrun personal best but some claim it doesn’t count

xQc Minecraft speedrunxQc / Twitch

In the long-running battle for the Minecraft speedrunning record, xQc has set a new personal best, but many viewers are claiming the run doesn’t count.

Minecraft speedrunning is a highly competitive field in gaming, with xQc and Forsen constantly battling it out to set the fastest record. At the beginning of 2023, xQc finally beat Forsen’s record after two years of trying and is now battling to get the record back after Forsen shaves off mere seconds in March 2023.

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Such a battle means he has to practice and get coached by legendary speedrunner, k4. While it’s certainly paid off, his recent run gained xQc a brand new personal best, but some fans aren’t convinced that the run can be counted.

xQc sets new Minecraft personal best – but does it count?

After xQc’s personal best record was broken, many viewers took to the comments to explain how the personal best can’t count due to the fact that k4 was in a call with xQc at the time of the run.

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One player explained why they believe it wouldn’t count, stating how “the “P” in “PB” stands for personal, there is nothing personal about 2-manning” highlighting that having a professional reminding you of what you need to do isn’t a legitimate speedrun.

Others agreed with this, likening the run to ratatouille where “k4 is the rat on xqc’s head.” It seems many were in agreement that the run shouldn’t be counted.

Some even argued that “live coaching should be 2000000% banned” with fans feeling like it takes away from the skill many speedrunners possess.

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Shortly after the controversy, the coach, k4 addressed the situation, stating that “if he beat the record with me in call it obviously shouldn’t count.”

While it’s impressive that xQc beat his personal best, both the coach and many viewers agree that it shouldn’t count as either a personal or professional record.

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