xQc finally beats Forsen’s Minecraft speed run record after two-year battle

Jessica Filby
xQx beats minecraft speed run record

In a tense Twitch stream, xQc has finally beaten Forsen’s incredible Minecraft speedrunning record, after over a year of training and perseverance.

Despite Minecraft primarily being a calmer building game, the act of speedrunning the title is anything but chilled. It’s a challenging task that requires the perfect Minecraft world seed, skill, perseverance, and the right knowledge.

All of these qualities have been undeniably present within both xQc and Forsen as they continue their two-year-long battle to hold Minecraft speedrunning bragging rights.

On January 4, 2022, xQc heroically won back the title that was lost to Forsen in April 2021 and set a new record, completing Minecraft in just 20 minutes and five seconds, an impressive 32 seconds quicker than Forsen’s previous time.

Over the years Forsen and xQc have been beating each other’s records by mere seconds. In fact, in April 2021, Forsen famously completed the game in just 20 minutes and 38 seconds, just seven seconds faster than xQc, prompting some jabs at his opponent on Twitter shortly after.

Naturally, once completing the record and realizing he’d beaten his opponent by over half a minute, xQc was both relieved and ecstatic, commenting on how he was finally “done with this s***.”

The speedrun was so intense that the popular streamer pulled off his headphones and slammed them on the table shortly after his success, then going on to express how he was “f****** shaking dude”, perhaps due to the pressure, excitement, and how badly he wanted to beat Forsen.

With xQc now being the reigning champion of Minecraft speed runs, all eyes are on Forsen to see if he will comment on the matter, or attempt to fight for the title all over again. He has yet to comment on the win, despite xQc Tweeting him in a clip of his success.

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