xQc reacts to backlash for being “coached” in a Minecraft speedrun

xqc looking confused on streamTwitch/xQc

Felix “xQc” Lengyel set a new personal record in a Minecraft speedrun, but the streamer received backlash for being coached by another speedrunner while doing so. Felix addressed the harsh comments in his recent live stream.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games for speedrunning thanks to its accessibility. xQc and Forsen found themselves entangled in an unexpected rivalry when both started speedrunning Minecraft and their audiences wanted to see who will be the first to set a record the other cannot beat.

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At the beginning of 2023, xQc beat Forsen’s record after two years but he’s back to running the game as Forsen beat xQc’s record in March 2023.

To learn new strategies X asked a fellow speedrunner, k4, to coach him, which quickly became a point of contention for those invested in the feud, as they claimed: “it shouldn’t count.”

xQc addressed these comments, saying that he personally finds it strange that something like this would make people upset, and clarified that he was simply doing a training run before the real thing.

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xQc thinks people criticizing his “coached” run need to “chill out”

xQc made a statement that later found its way to his xQc Clips channel, telling viewers getting angry at him getting couched to “chill the f**k out.”

“I was playing a videogame with a friend on Discord voice, chill the f**k out,” said Felix about the situation. “Everybody is so pressed for me playing a videogame with Tiff on Discord. I did not submit the run, I did not make a big deal out of the run, we just moved on.”

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xQc continued to explain that this attempt was not even a legitimate run, he was simply playing a game and learning new strategies that came out since his time of running the game.

His fans agreed, with the most liked comment under the clip saying: “I will never understand why steamers acknowledge these lsf/Reddit threads that criticize them heavily or just straight up hate on them.”

The competition is still on regardless, and xQc’s quest to beat Forsen’s Minecraft speedrun time has only just begun.

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