xQc slams desk in rage as his Minecraft speedrun is ruined by terrible bad luck

xQc slams his desk after dying in a Minecraft speedrunTwitch: xQc

xQc is currently undertaking a long and arduous journey to beat Forsen’s Minecraft speedrunning record, but a recent stroke of bad luck really ticked him off.

Minecraft speedrunning is highly popular among gamers, at the time of writing it’s currently the second most active speedrunning game on speedrun.com, mainly thanks to the ease of getting into it and the run itself being more luck oriented rather than being very skill-intensive.

xQc and Forsen communities started a competition between the two creators years ago, egging them on to beat each other’s record time every time a record is broken.

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At the beginning of 2023, xQc finally beat Forsen’s record after two years of trying and is now battling to get the record back after Forsen shaved mere seconds off of it in March 2023.

During his April 24 stream, xQc was on great pace for a personal best time, entering the Nether in 2 minutes 40 seconds. But over the next 10 minutes, xQc struggled to quickly gather the resources necessary to progress the run, before being killed by a very unlucky Wither Skeleton spawn.

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xQc slams desk in frustration over unlucky enemy spawn

After xQc missed an Ender Pearl throw to get into a Nether Fortress he ended up swimming in the lava with 4 hearts remaining. The streamer quickly started piling up blocks to get onto the bridge towering above him, but tragically, right as he reached the top a Wither Skeleton pushed him off.

With 1,5 a heart remaining, and with the Wither effect which acts similar to poison, the streamer knew he would be dead within seconds, so he opted to restart the run.

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Seconds after restarting the run xQc started slamming his desk out of frustration at losing such a good run to a back to back unlucky spawns of structures and enemies, before becoming crestfallen and saying “I can’t play this f**king game anymore, dude. I can’t f**king do it, bro.

This did not discourage xQc as he continued to speedrun Minecraft for the next 3 hours of his stream, motivated to beat his bitter rival’s run of 18 minutes and 10 seconds.

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