ExtraEmily’s Twitch stream takes dangerous turn as she walks on busy road

Josh Taylor
Twitch streamer ExtraEmilyExtraEmily / Twitch

ExtraEmily’s IRL stream on Twitch took a turn that left viewers worried after she was seen walking down the bike lane of a road, as cars drove past. 

Twitch streamer ExtraEmily has surged in popularity in 2023 for her IRL streaming and creating various viral moments along the way.

Just a few weeks ago, she was left shocked on stream when a man nearly crashed into the back of her car, as she simply waited at a red light.

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During her broadcast on September 26, once again she ended up putting herself in danger, which left many viewers concerned for her safety.

Twitch streamer ExtraEmily concerns viewers after walking on road

She was taking part in a runathon stream, that is similar to subathon, where creators will keep their stream live as long as viewers continue to subscribe.

However, in this case, she would extend her walking/running distance by 0.05 miles. All of a sudden she found herself approaching a busy road, where she decided to walk along the bike lane.

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As the lane was featured in the middle of the freeway, with cars driving past her, viewers began to get concerned as her chat lit up, as fans constantly told her to get off the road.

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“No, this is the bike lane! I’m literally a bike! Right? This isn’t the… oh. ‘Get off.’ Am I not a bike? Okay. Got it! What? Why can’t I count as a bike? I just had to have a bike? What?” ExtraEmily replied.

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After around a minute, she left the road and continued her stream and clips have since gone viral online, as many commented on the bizarre situation.

“One of the few things that cyclists and motorists agree on is that pedestrians shouldn’t be walking down the middle of the road,” the top comment said.

“Why are streamers so stupid?” Another questioned.

“I know streamers play it up for stream but Jesus damn, being this obtuse should be punishable,” another said.

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During another IRL stream, a Twitch streamer was shown being assaulted in Hong Kong, where a man was later arrested.

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