Twitch streamer crashes car just after using phone while driving

Josh Taylor
Twitch streamer Melt car crash on stream.

Streamer Melt was live on Twitch when he ended up crashing his car, immediately after he was seen using his phone while driving.

On April 1, Twitch streamer MeltIsLIVE, known as ‘Melt,’ was streaming IRL as he drove around in his car at night.

During Melt’s stream, he regularly interacted with his chat while driving, before proceeding to use his phone and show a text he had just received from someone to his viewers.

“‘On everything I love’ she just text me that. ‘On everything.’ Chat hold up. Let me just pull over real quick so that Twitch doesn’t be on my d**k.”

Just a few seconds later, as he attempted to park up, the streamer crashed with another car. He picked up his camera, left his vehicle and repeatedly shouted: “Bro, come on, bruh! Come on, bruh! Oh my f**king god bruh! Come on, bruh!”

He showed his Twitch audience the significant damage to the front of his car, and then approached the other driver who collided with him: “You ain’t going to say nothing, bruh? Bro, you ain’t going to say nothing? You’re saying what? You’re not going to say nothing, bruh? You just hit my s**t, bruh!”

Instead, they walked away from Melt and could be heard speaking on the phone explaining the situation to another person. “Bro, come on, bro! I just got my s**t, man!” The streamer further said after inspecting the damage further.

Despite later in the stream asking for his mods to delete the VOD footage of the incident, Melt was later banned by Twitch.

Twitch nor Melt have confirmed the reason for the ban, but it is expected to be for violating Twitch’s Community guidelines for “dangerous or distracted driving, including using a phone” on stream.

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